100% Natural Hot Spring Sourced
Ryokan Mitsue

Ryokan Mitsue Kaminoyama Yamagata Japan

Mt. Zao change to the figure with the snow,

and they shine as the gods.

The base is crowded with making

the pickled product and the dried persimmon.

Here Hayama hot spring Mie receives the travelers in the each figure at any time,

and hopes to sing the pleasure to travel with the seasonal taste

and the local brew and the the sympathy of the person.

Ryokan Mitsue


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Homemade vegetable handmade local cuisine

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When main peak, Mt. Kumanodake still confine to the shape of the snowpack, the fragrant wild vegetables become to grow and the flowers bloom in profusion at their best in the village.
When the cherry changes the color to the under the leaves, and the peaks shine towards the summer sky blue, this villages are full of the bittersweet smells of the fruits.
The mountains change to the autumn color of the leaves, and the gold waves shake in the rice‐field, and the sounds of the village drum celebrating a good harvest ring.
Mt.Zao of the snow which fell silent at one time change the shape to the the rime on trees and the Mecca of the ski with the jacket of the primary color that have long-waited-for for snow.

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