Hot spring, Effect

Hot spring place name:Kaminoyama hot spring
Source name:Kaminoyama hot spring 3-go source
Spring quality:Chloride spring
Old source name: including plaster, weak common salt spring
Taking a bath facilities : Large communal bath, family bath (indoor)
Temperature : 65 ℃
Kaminoyama is prospered since long ago with healthy, good-for-skin hot spring water would keep body warm and moisturized.
Rheumatic disease, Disturbance of motility, Chronic eczema, Hyperkeratosis, Weak child, Gastroenteropathy, Bruises, Chronic coprostasis, Muscular pain, Raynaud’s phenomenon, Stress, Neurosis, Movement disorders, Beautiful skin effect, Recovery from fatigue, Convalescent recovery, Backache, Wound, Neuralgia, Women’s disease in generalEffect

Chartered bath information

If the bath is unoccupied, it is available for 24 hours and for free at any time.
One-day trip bathing time
One-day trip bathing rate No.1
Only bathing 600 yen
One-day trip bathing rate No.2
Rest room use 5,250 yen
One-day trip bathing rate No.3
With the meal 6,000 yen~

※The masseur gives you the massage with 3,900 yen until 40 minutes
※Massage chair: The machine of the bathroom is available for free.

New bath introduction

Please heal the daily fatigue with the hinoki cypress bath of healing and the smell of new wood. You can overlook Mt. Zao, if you throw a window open, and it change to the bath looks like the open-air bath.
(the terrace is attached, too)

Facility information

Type of the room
All rooms : With air-conditioning, refrigerator, TV, telephone
(with bathroom and washroom×10 rooms)
Japanese-style room : 15 rooms
(12 mats×13 rooms / 20 mats×2 rooms)
Yukata/Towel/Bath towel/Toothbrush/Electric kettle/Tea set/Refrigerator/Glass/Safe/Slippers
Facilities in the hall
Banqueting hall/Karaoke/Large communal bath, Chartered bath/Stand/Vending machine/Massage Service/Home delivery/Conference room/Shogi, Game of go, Mahjongg
Parking area
・unit passenger car, 30 cars
・Welcome and farewell, negotiable
・Pickup place, Kaminoyama-hot spring Station
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